Who I am

It started with invitation design…

I have always loved designing beautiful invitations for parties.  And I tend to think of a website as a huge invitation – which is why I like making each one as attractive, clear and elegant as possible.  When I was little, I would spend hours designing and decorating invitations: first by hand, and later on the computer.  Gradually, my desire for beautiful documents grew bigger and bigger, and I realised I needed to learn more and more skills to achieve the effects I wanted.  And soon my natural curiosity (and determination to do everything myself!) led me to web design.

My first website was for a small hedge fund I was working for at the time; sadly, both fund and website were victims of the credit crunch, and all I can say is that the internet has lost a tiny, tiny gem.  It combined high finance with an obscure piece of military history, over four pages; I did it all by myself; and immediately wanted to do more!

I’m an Oxford graduate, and I’ve done all sorts of things apart from web design – here is my online CV if you’d like to see it.

I am based in London and Norfolk, but will happily travel elsewhere to see clients if you would rather meet me in person.

My other interests include opera, horses, literature, art, cooking, and walking my logo (above).